Oh hey...


Hey old friends

Sorry for abandoning you for a few months but I promise I'm back for good now. So let's talk about your abandonment, now it wasn't without good reason, unfortunately I didn't really have a plan as to what was going to happen to you whilst I was away travelling so you kind of got a bit left...then when I got back the big move to london was kind of all my brain could think about so again you kind of got left.. However if all can be forgiven I would like to start a fresh!

So as you may or may not know I recently went on a journey I visited Iceland, road tripped northern U.S.A and went on a Canadian adventure! I feel like each part of the journey really deserves their own post at least so expect some travel posts on the way ASAP!

When I got back I made the move to London, I'm currently living in a beaut little studio with Mezzanine bedroom (think if the tumblr opportunities!) in NW2. Slowly getting used to London life and on a quest to find a job, so expect some moving and London related posts shortly!

Oh yeah I also have purple hair now...

So that's what's new with me and what you can expect in the near future of this blog, what have you been upto?

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