Momentary Month June


Dear June, you have been different...

Monthly Movies

Tomorrowland - Disney's latest release is one for dreamers. It's pretty hard to talk about as its full of twist and turns but I'll do my best. The film follows a young teenage girl who has an extremely positive nature and 'accidently' stumbles into what appears to be another dimension, she then goes on an adventure to find answers about this world which leads her to a pessimistic George Clooney character; they then must work together to save the world! At the heart of it this movie is telling us we must not be afraid of the future and embrace it like they did in the 1950s and strive t be better with technology and science. It's very Disney in the sense it promotes Positivity and pro activeness to be great and achieve, however I really like its charm.

Jurassic World - I'm gonna keep this brief as I'm sure everyone in the world has seen this movie. Now don't go in expecting the first one can recreate that kind of magic, but this one is pretty good and is much better than any of the other sequels. Now I am going to admit I did laugh out loud at some points at its ridiculousness however I feel that is what it was going for and it had a very 90's blockbuster feel about it. Now we all love the latest Batman films however as my boyfriend said it has made other blockbusters of late feel the need to be taken so seriously, which is not always what you want sometimes you just want to go for a ride and have fun, which this film delivers in bucket loads. Plus it has Chris Pratt you know...just sayin!

Mr Holmes - If you're into your mysteries or a big Sherlock Holmes fan you'll probably get on with this movie very well. For me it did feel like a bit of T.V drama you would see on the BBC, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with, it's just that kind of vibe. It follows Mr Holmes years after he has retired and explores his journey of trying to remember his last case after suffering memory loss. It's ok if you're looking for something to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Monthly Music

Disney Piano - If I'm honest June hasn't been a particularly interesting month in terms of music, however I Guinea pigs enjoy calming music now and again and in a quest to find some for them I stumbled on this video. I believe the album is available to download, it has been great as background music whilst writing blog posts or finishing up college work. If you love Disney and love to relax this is for you give it a go!

Monthly Makeup

Soap and Glory Mist me Madly - Ok so not really a Make Up item but I've been loving this scent! It's great if you're between perfumes or just want a spritz of something for those whatever days, it has that beautiful Soap and Glory classic scent and I get so many compliments on it. All that and so cheap give it whiff next time you're in Boots!

Monthly Most watched

The Middle - So if you read my last Momentary Month you'll know I was lovin Modern Family, well I have now mourned the end of the binge watch as I am all caught up! Anyway new month new family, I have moved on to The Middle, if you're a fan of Modern family and Malcolm in the Middle you'll love this! Refreshing, funny and well sometimes weird, and I must say as a Brit its also an insight into more 'real' America. Give it a go if you like to laugh!

Monthly Memories

So it has happened I have officially finished college! I'm so happy with my result Distinction oh yeah babay! So happy all the hard work is over no more assignments due in feels like I can finally breathe!!!

So I'm sort of in Limbo at the moment I have one month until we leave for Canada for a month and then we'll be making the move to London when we get back so I needed a job, I needed it immediately and temporarily. So I now work in a Sushi factory, oh yes people that's what I'm doing right now, it's a glamorous life a lead. Oh the joys of saving to travel! The shifts are 12 hours long which is pretty awful but it gets it all out of the way in three days which is pretty awesome!

I've been trying to tone up and get a bit fitter this month, So I've tried Yoga with Adriene's Thirty Days of Yoga on youtube. It has been amazing I am a total Yoga beginner and I just can't believe I've stuck to it for the whole month, I want to do a post all about it so that is to follow soon!!

Let me know if you'd be interested in travel related posts as a lot of planning is currently underway!

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  1. Lovely post! I quite enjoyed Jurassic World - a perfect popcorn film.
    The sushi looks delicious!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs
    UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. heeey! hope you have a great day! do you want to follow each other via bloglovin? if yes, just follow me there and i'll follow you back soon!



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